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Rosenberg’s Kosher!

Our products are always kosher parve, all natural, dairy-free and preservative free, baked fresh daily in Denver.

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Plain Cream Cheese

$3.50 / 8 oz

Flavored Cream Cheese

Scallion, Veggie, Hatch Chile, & Dill

$5.00 / 8 oz

Premium Cream Cheese

Lox Cream Cheese

$7.00 / 8 oz

Tofu Cream Cheese

Dairy Free

$7.00 / 8 oz

Specialty Fish

A Scandinavian specialty that is cured in salt, sugar, dill, lemon and other secret ingredients, but not smoked. It has lemon and dill topped on the fillet to bring out the fresh and clean flavors this style of fish provides.

$10.50 / 1/4 lb

Scottish Smoked Salmon
Fish referred to as “Scottish Salmon” must be caught, prepared and shipped from Scotland. Scottish salmon has a buttery texture, balanced smoke, and an orange-pink color.

$11.25 / 1/4 lb

Pastralmon or, pastrami salmon, is Atlantic salmon that we prepare in the same style as our pastrami.  It is pickled for a week before it is covered in our pastrami seasoning and then cold smoked over night.  It produces a smoky, briney, and pepper filled bite.

$10.50 / 1/4 lb

Sable (Black Cod)
Sable was once referred to as “poor man’s sturgeon,” but has a melt-in-your mouth flavor and buttery texture. Line caught in Northern Pacific waters, this black cod is smoked to our specifications to retain its natural moistness and round out the flavor.

$15.00 / 1/4 lb

Whole Smoked Whitefish
A smoked whitefish is hot smoked to perfection to give your palette a moist, dense, and smoky experience.

$14.00 / 1/4 lb

Creamed Herring
Bristol Bay Alaskan Herring that is sustainably caught.  We brine and pickle these beauties in house for the perfect balance or salty, sweet and pickle. The finished product is then tossed in our cream sauce with pickled onions.

$4.50 / 1/4 lb

Pickled Herring
Bristol Bay Alaskan Herring that is sustainably caught.  We brine and pickle these beauties in house for the perfect balance or salty, sweet and pickle.

$4.50 / 1/4 lb

Deli Salads

Bubbe’s Tuna Salad

$7.00 / 8 oz

Smoked Whitefish Salad

$14.00 / 8 oz

Creamy Egg Salad

$5.00 / 8 oz


Rye Bread

Regular | $6.00
Seeded | $6.25



Marble Rye


Whole Wheat



Small | $4.00
Large | $6.00
Poppy & Sesame | $6.25

Pan Challah


Pan Wheat Loaf




Prune, Apricot, Raspberry, Cherry, Poppy



Classic Coconut, Chocolate



Banana Nut, Almond Poppy, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry



Chocolate, Cinnamon

small | $9.00
large | $15.00


Banana Nut, Almond Poppy, Honey, Blueberry

small | $8.00
large | $10.00


Chocolate Chip



Almond, Chocolate Almond

$10 / lb


Chocolate, Cinnamon Walnut, Apricot, Raspberry

$12 / lb

Eir Kichel

Traditional, Sugared

$10 / lb

Rolls, Buns & More

Challah Rolls

half dozen | $3.60
dozen | $7.00

Knotted Rolls

half dozen | $3.25
dozen | $6.25

Hamburger Buns

Special order only

half dozen | $3.60
dozen | $7.00

Hot Dog Buns

Special order only

half dozen | $3.60
dozen | $7.00

Hoagies (8 in)

half dozen | $4.20
dozen | $8.00

Kaiser Rolls

half dozen | $3.60
dozen | $7.00

Onion Rolls

half dozen | $3.90
dozen | $7.50

Bagel Chips (bag)




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